About David

David Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD, FACE, a gifted clinician and product researcher turned mentor, guides meeting participants to the realization that they, too, possess the ability to practice aesthetic dentistry at the very highest level. He is one of dentistry’s most famous faces and one of the pioneers of live-patient, hands-on clinical education, as the founder and past director of Pac-live and the Hornbrook Group. He has been a guest faculty member of the post-graduate programs in Cosmetic Dentistry at Baylor, Tufts, SUNY at Buffalo, UMKC, and the UCLA Center of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Hornbrook lectures internationally on all facets of aesthetic and restorative dentistry and has published articles in all of the leading dental journals. A prolific researcher and materials enthusiast, he consults with numerous manufacturers on product development and refinement. Dr. Hornbrook’s warm and engaging style earns him the highest possible marks from participants and meeting sponsors.


Hi Guys,
In my mind I said that I wouldn’t be able to use lots of the information that you would be presenting in your course a few weeks ago because I worked in a public health setting. Boy, was I wrong!! Not more than 3 days after I returned home, I had a wax try in for a full/partial case. The smile line was a reverse smile line, the buccal corridor was dark, the teeth were too short, etc. I was thinking how much I was noticing BECAUSE of your teachings.
Thanks for all of your insights and ways of delivering information to patients. My practice has changed.

Dr. Joshua Davidson
I wanted to let you both know what an awesome time I had at your course this past weekend! Since I graduated dental school 7 years ago, I have wanted to look further into aesthetics and occlusion for a long time. Over and over again during your Course, things started making sense, as you spoke about interferences and stressed muscle systems. I know I am in the beginnings of my career and in my learning. I was baffled as to how to grasp all these cases over the last several years, that I had either come across or that I had actually completed, without fully understanding the “why.” I have been a symptoms dentist for years. This class was so satisfying and I am excited to continue to learn more!
Dr. Joanne Vargas-Velasco
The live patient course with Dr. David Hornbrook was the best CE experience I have ever had.” “Dr. David Hornbrook brings such an amazing energy to dentistry– he makes learning fun and exciting.
Haress Rahim, DMD, Dawson Scholar/Alumni
I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome course last weekend. I have taken many courses/workshops/study clubs & annual meetings in the past 14 years. I have to say your course was one of the best. I love dentistry and you and Mark continue my enthusiasm and knowledge …
Michelle Espinoza
I love your lectures!! You’re not just a wealth of knowledge you’re entertaining and funny too! Makes learning a lot fore fun. Your lectures also make me
realize how much learning I still need. I admire you a lot not only clinically but also how you always keep your cool and positive attitude.
David Bainer
David Hornbrook is a must see for any dentist in the 21st century. David is one of those rare individuals in dentistry who knows everything about dental materials. Name any adhesive kit any time of the day, and he can talk about it for 10 hours. The quality of my own personal adhesive dentistry doubled after 1 day with David. You have probably seen his name in journals, textbooks, or REALITY, but nothing compares to spending the day with him in a lecture or do what I did and take 2 staff members and $1500 and spend the day with him in his own office. WOW!, what a day! The only thing I don’t like about David is that he has more hair than me.
Howard Farran, Dentaltown
Dr. David Hornbrook is that rare dentist who can do it, write about it, and teach it—all with excellence! His fast paced lecture covers the gamut of esthetic, adhesive dentistry and is loaded with tips and tricks to boost any general practice. It did mine!
Ron Jackson, International lecturer on Esthetic dentistry
I want to compliment you on the excellent course on Modern Adhesive Dentistry you presented for Harrison Dental Lab. Your material was well organized and easy to follow, even though you presented many advanced techniques descriptions. You showed some of the most beautiful dentistry I have ever seen. My staff really appreciated how your presentation was geared to the entire office desiring to offer the most conservative, up-to-date esthetic dentistry for their patients. We were able to return to our office on Monday and immediately incorporate many “pearls” we learned from you. I was really impressed with your ability to create a road map for progressive dental teams for practicing cosmetic dentistry in the 21st century.
Jeffrey Prager, DDS
Dr. David Hornbrook presents the most concise and comprehensive seminar on adhesive and esthetic dentistry today. His warm and entertaining style help illustrate why dentin bonding is the key to esthetic dentistry. Complete armamentarium and materials list as well as where to get the things we need are all included. It’s all here and it’s fun!
Michael J. Clair, DDS