Presentation Topics for David Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD, FASDA

Below is a list of potential topics that Dr. Hornbrook offers in his presentations. Depending upon the goals of the audience and sponsoring organization, these topics can be given separately as an evening program, or combined for a half-day or full day presentation.

  • Dental materials update
  • All-ceramic materials and elimination of metals
  • Cements and adhesives update
  • All-ceramic veneers
  • Veneer cementation
  • Smile design
  • Lab Communication
  • Lasers in dentistry
  • Functional aesthetics
  • And more…


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  • Avoiding Remakes
  • Ceramic Preparation
  • Creativity with Ceramics
  • Intro and Smile Design
  • Lab Communication and Materials
  • Materials Update
  • Veneer Cementation
  • Anterior Adhesive Cementation
  • Posterior Adhesive Cementation
  • Posterior Non-Adhesive Cementation