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What came first the decay or the abfraction? How often have you restored cases that look like this and didn’t determine the cause?

Is this erosion, parafunctional wear, or bulimia?

What is the long-term effect of an anterior open bite on the posterior tooth anatomy?

Some think this is acid reflux and others think it is occlusal abfraction. What is your diagnosis?

How many times have you restored cases like this and never knew how to address the underlying cause?

  • Space is Limited !

  • 20 CE credits

Did reviewing the cases on the left make
you wonder about the patients you saw today?
Do you have a system your whole team understands to diagnose,
treat and present to patients based on occlusal disease?

If not, this program is a 3 day investment in expertise, profitability, and peace of mind. It is for those practicing real world dentistry, desiring to improve aesthetics, eliminate failures and predictably restore patients in ideal position. EXPAND your proficiency.


  • The science behind tooth contacts and muscle harmony
  • The 5 steps to functional success with every patient
  • Hands on clinical records, recording bites and facebows for case planning
  • How to accurately diagnose wear, severe wear and post treatment triggers
  • Understand the 3 most critical factors in your new patient exam
  • Deprogramming methods; when to use and why
  • Diagnosing the asymptomatic patient
  • How to avoid “red flags” that will compromise the outcome of a case
  • How to establish Occlusal Vertical Dimension, when to make changes and why
  • Hands on critical case finishing that will prevent post-treatment challenges
  • Successful treatment planning and model evaluation
  • Evaluation and deliberate occlusal equilibration, “stop chasing dots”
Dr. David Hornbrook
Dr. Mark Montgomery
Tuition: $1495
$250 discount for dentists in practice less than 5 years
Email cassie@hornbrook.com with questions or call 1.800.509.9251
A portion of tuition for Crown Council members is donated to Smiles for Life
Apr 13-15, 2018
Roseman University Dental School
South Jordan, UT
New Dentists
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Nov 16-18, 2018
Atlanta, GA
New Dentists
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